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modern cellar techniques. Tradition and

In our winery situated in Andau traditional working methods meet modern cellar techniques.

Our cellar team led by Wolfgang Peck and Christopher Eisinger make sure, that every work-step beginning from the grape receiving during harvest and the bottling process are performed as carefully as possible.

We continuously invest in traditional artisanal equipment such as small oak barrels but are also very opened towards new innovative ideas that guarantee us best quality. That is why some of our wines are vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and other parts carefully stored in oak barrels from different ages and sizes.

All our red wines are certified vegan and our winery is awarded the International Food Standard (IFS). That way we can guaranty a complete traceability from the vine plant to the bottling process.

With the construction of our new ZANTHO winery facility 2020/2021 we are setting a big example in sustainability – the whole building will be fed by the solar energy of the powerful sun over Andau – energy self-sufficient and ecologically energy-efficient.

Responsibility for
our climate, our environment and us human beings

Certified sustainable

Our winery is certified „Sustainable Austria“. We want to act sustainable and set new standards in Andau. It is important to take responsibility together – for our climate, for our environment and for us as human beings and our children. That is why not only ethical values play an important role but also work in our vineyards. For example: by setting new working methods to encourage the biodiversity in our vineyards and by working very sufficient with our resources. We have faire working conditions and our economic decisions are always based on sustainability. By using the seal of “sustainable Austria” we fulfill the criteria that our wines are produced in an economic and ecological manner and insure, that we meet all the social standards set up by the committee.

Classic and reserve

In order to guarantee the fruit and freshness in our classic red- and white wines we use modern temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. This way can preserve the typicity of our grape varieties and bring the classic taste profile of our region in the bottle perfectly.

Our wines from the reserve line are made from our best grape selection in only very special years. They are mainly stored in new and used oak barrels. Through the slow oxygen exchange in the oak barrels and the greater integration of tannins our wine gets a backbone that is needed for a longer bottle ageing period. We own over 300 smaller and bigger oak barrels and have enough time and patience that the wine needs to develop its individual character.

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