The ZANTHO-Vintage 2013 ****

Winter this year ended exceptionally late, in many regions of Austria there were "White Easter Holidays" and the year was one of the snowiest in history in many regions. Bud break did not start until the end of April and we counted right from start with a late vintage. Spring was characterized by persistent rainfall coupled with cool temperatures. The water table recovered and build important reserves. The flowering was characterized by some coulure, and so the yield was limited early on.

Mid-June the summer started with a bang - very warm, dry and stable weather allowed the literal “exploding” growth of our vines and we hardly managed to keep up with the work in the vineyard. While the first half of the year was dominated by very moist weather conditions, we recorded a nine-week drought from late June to late August with no significant rainfall. More than 40 hot days with temperatures over 30 °C were extremely challenging for our vines. Warm winds led to a severe drought and August then brought, to the delight of all the sunbathers in Andau, record temperatures up to 40 °C - the long-time heat record in Austria fell this summer. Vines having to deal with such high temperatures stop growth and solely focus on survival. The end of August finally brought easement - extensive rain and cooling gave our vines the opportunity to take a deep breath and we could start the main harvest with stable weather on 14 September.

Fully ripe and sain grapes of Sankt Laurent, Pinot Noir and Muskat, followed by Zweigelt , Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling and Sauvignon Blanc could be picked at great sugar levels. Shortly afterwards we also brought fully mature Blaufränkisch grapes into the cellar and the harvest was completed by mid-October. Our efforts this year were, as mentioned already, crowned by a magnificent Scheurebe TBA and a tiny harvest of Icewine end of January 2014!

After having tasted the first young wines we are excited about the great quality of the vintage. The extreme temperatures pushed our vines to the edge, but therefore brought very distinctive and characterful wines with fresh fruit flavors and finesse.

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