The ZANTHO-vintage 2016 ***(*)

The bud burst of 2016 began really earlyshortly after Easter. The winter was very inconsistent with temperatures going up and down. Already in mid of April the vines where well developed and the sunny Seewinkel was blossoming – a presumably perfect start for the new year being two weeks ahead. Presumably – because from the 27thto the 29thof April, Austria and in wide parts of Europe where hit by frost during the night destroying large parts of the future harvest. Thankfully we were spared for the first night of frost due to cloudy weather conditions during the early morning hours. Also the second night of frost did not affect us severely, but on the night of the 29thof Aprilthe frost – with temperatures of  -2,8°C- destroyed the majority of our young plants. The days to come were underlined by feelings of depression and resignation – only the older members of our team could remember a similar frost occurring in the 60s!

Following the days after the frost it was now essential to focus work in the vineyardson the plant growth and to speed up the regeneration process of the vine. Due to the freezing of the long shoot tips, bushy secondary shoots grew out of the sides producing secondary grapes that we had to remove to secure a homogenic ripening of our grapes. Luckily mother nature showed mercy in the month of May and she compensated us with enough rainfall and mild temperatures, so the vines could heal faster and speed up their growth process. At the beginning of June, the long-awaited flowering periodbegan and went really well and much better than feared. Summer flexed its muscles and gave us changing temperatures from high to low, thunderstorms but also cool nights – perfect for the development of aroma in the berries. Around the end of August, we were given a very stable, dry and warm end of Summer.

The harvest of 2016 was marked by very low yields – around 50% less than usual due to the frost in April – giving us the time to bring in all of the harvest by 30thof September. The great Summer-ending combined with the small yields, not only saved but also raised the quality of this very great vintage.

The white wines of the year 2016 are amongst one of the best vintages that we were ever able to bring in to our cellar – vibrant fresh with a great fruity creaminess combined with ripe nuances and a long, never ending taste on the palate. The first red wines are showing a very clear fruit, a lot of creaminess and a fine spice. Due to the very small yield this year we were not able to harvest any sweet wines. 

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