The ZANTHO-vintage 2015 *****

The vintage of 2015 in the Seewinkel began relatively normal. An inconsistent winter said it´s goodbyes on time at the beginning of March and spring-like temperatures arrived in Burgenland. The juice in the vines quickly began flowing through the plant and therefore the bud burst already began in mid of April, a bit earlier than usual. A warm and rainy month of May let the vines grow even more rapidly and we where barely able to keep up the much so needed work in the vineyards. End of May the flowering period started of promising because of the mild weather and so we had perfect conditions for an early vintage. From the beginning of July the temperatures reached up to 38°C but we still habe enough rainfall and the vines where doing great. This year it was very important to put the right measures in motion to ensure that the grapes get enough shadow. Mid of July the second heat period came by - this time the much needed rainfall did not arrive and the vines got thirsty. Extremely hot and dry weather accompanied us until August - luckily, our elderly vines have a very deep root system and where able to reach water in the deeper sections of the soil. The high summer temperatures permitted our grapes to ripen quickly and earlier than usual our berries where almost all fully turned red (Veraison) on the 10th of August. In mid of August we finally felt relieved as the rainfalls set in. 

Already in the first weeks of September we where able to start with the main harvest - due to the heat, it was very important to get in the white grape varieties in first and mainly in the early and cool mornings, to maintain the perfect amount of freshness. Quickly we harvested our Muskat, Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling - and without bigger interruptions we rapidly followed with Saint Laurent and Pinot Noir as our Zweifelt and Blaufränkisch. We where really happy - because of the heat our grapes had thick skin and where healthy. At the end of September we where delighted to finish the main harvest. End of October - a great range of Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslesen crowned the vintage of 2015.

In summary the vintage of 2015 - due to its hot and dry weather - was perfect for our red wines. By the early terminated harvest, we where able to maintain the freshness and the fruitiness of our white wines. Without a doubt this vintage will be remembered as one of the best vintages the Seewinkel has seen and the wines will still give us a lot of pleasure in future days to come.



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