The ZANTHO-Vintage 2017 *****

The vintage 2017 is comparable to a rollercoaster ride. Strong temperature fluctuation and unforeseeable weather conditions characterize the year of 2017.

It was a very mild winter causing a very early bud burst. Earlier than usual. That meant caution, since the frost nights bring a great deal of danger to the early and young shoots. The dangerous frost nights came end of April and the beginning of Mai. We could prevent bigger casualties through fumigation. 

Summer was very hot and dry. More than five heatwaves and drought defined the further course of 2017. The vines were thirsty. Around mid of August we were able to catch a little break. Cooler nights came by ensuring a great ripening phase! Harvest began at the beginning of September. For sure ist was a demanding vintage, but the vines thanked us with exceptional quality.


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