The ZANTHO-Vintage 2019 *****

The vintage 2019 started pretty dry in lizard country. There was a lack of water that the vines and the vineyard plants urgently needed. On top of that it was a pretty mild year right from the start. We had temperatures that easily exceeded the annual average. That’s why the bud burst already began at the beginning of April. That is a lot earlier than average. In some plots even three weeks earlier! We were not afraid to lose some of our vines to late frosts this year because the temperature was way too mild.

We were spared in 2019! Due to the very early bud burst our work in the vineyards was piling up and we had to hurry to catch up with the fast growth of vegetation! Such an early bud burst can bring the whole plan for the year in jeopardy. Flexibility, diligence and a quick workforce was key. 

In May we finally got the rain we were yearning for. The precipitation was urgently needed to support the growth of the vines. The water supply of our vineyards where refilled. The cooler temperatures in May slowed down the growth of the vines. That way we could catch up with our work in the vineyards.

A really hot and dry summer followed. The summer of 2019 flexed his muscles and let the mercury inside of the thermometer rise exceptionally! That was not only tough on the plants but also on us in the vineyards. On the bright side: the heat made the berries stay small. That way we were able to harvest very concentrated berries in some of our plots. Perfect for our quality wines in the Reserve category!

The wonderful thing about the 2019 vintage was the harvest season! We started in August and barely had any pressure or stress. We were able to bring the white varieties earlier than usual and thereby securing a fresh and crisp acidity. The warm vintage also ensured that our white wines obtained pronounced and fascinating aromatic structures. We are also very pleased with our red varieties. Wonderful tannic structure, distinct fruit and spicy nuances promise an amazing red wine vintage!

Across-the-board we were able to harvest healthy grapes. The vineyards where harvested according to plan. That is a luxury that we do not have every year. Gratifying was our Trockenbeerenauslese. The strong winds of an upcoming cyclone concentrated the small raisins and made them even sweeter. We are very much looking forward to this special quality wine!

Conclusion: Another year full of extremes, but at the end it ended in our favor! A great year for our ZANTHO white, red and sweet wines! 

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