The ZANTHO-Vintage 2011 *****

The old year ended with frosty temperatures down to - 20°C (- 4°F) in the Seewinkel region – a long and cold winter kept our vines on the go. Winter lasted with some warmer interruptions until mid February and not until beginning of March the sun came out and spring started with some warm rainfalls. Bud-break of the wines started mid April around two weeks earlier than in the long-term average and an early vintage announced itself. A strict inspection of the vineyards showed that the damages caused by frost have been less dramatic than predicted. Due to warm weather and regular precipitation the shoots grew equally and fast.
Flowering of the vines passed without any problems beginning of June – regular sunshine, chilled nights and the one or the other rainfall brought excellent conditions for a fast growth of the vines and we had problems to come along with the necessary work. The first half of July showed with very hot temperatures up to 36°C (97°F), some heavy thunderstorms and partly heavy rain falls made August a chilled month.
A long lasting Indian summer with up to 25°C (77°F) assured perfect harvest conditions and therefore we could start harvesting already in the first week of September. Totally sane and fully matured grapes have been brought in partly with record sugar levels. The berries showed lots of fruit and Mother Nature allowed us this year also very promising quantities. For the first time in the history of our winery we could finish the main harvest in September already and just recently we could harvest a great Beerenauslese from Scheurebe.
We are very pleased about a great vintage which brought before all red wines of excellent quality. The young wines show altogether very approachable, harmonic and balanced which is certainly due to the optimal and stable weather conditions in the Seewinkel region. The wines from vintage 2011 will be ready to drink soon and will certainly show a long life-span – time will show if we are right, the truth lies behind the cork (or glass stopper respectively ;-))

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