The ZANTHO-Vintage 2005 ***

The vintage 2005 is totally different from the years before - one needed good nerves, patience and persistence for the numerous quality supporting work steps in the vineyards!

Spring was mild and rainy and the groundwater table of Neusiedlersee could recover well. Budbreak was at the end of April and the vines grew steadily. Summer showed with moderate temperatures but nevertheless the grapes ripened constantly - a clear advantage of the generally warmer climate in the Seewinkel, the warmest region in Austria! Autumn showed with some rainfalls which caused rotteness. It was extremely important to harvest at the right moment and to sort out the infected berries rigorously. Due to our uncompromising quality policy we could harvest totally sane berries but had about 20% less in quantity. We are very happy about a very fruity and fresh vintage 2005. The wines are very smooth and pleasant an will surely be soon ready to drink.

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