The ZANTHO-Vintage 2010 ***(*)


Vintage 2010 was a tremendous challenge for us – a generally cooler vintage brought the smallest harvest in terms of quantity since the foundation of our winery – but the quality of the wines is due to the strict selection more than convincing! We are looking forward to crispy wines with very deep fruit at moderate alcohol levels!


A cold and snow-rich winter had a long stay in the Seewinkel region in 2010. Not until mid-February the ice began to melt and warming “spring-sun” showed up punctually beginning of March. After some new snow falls around 10 March spring finally started and the vegetation in our vineyards started through. Mid-April the buds began to swell and break, warm days and spring rain brought optimal conditions for a very early shoot. But not only in Andau nature gained momentum – the break-out of the “unpronounceable” Vulcan Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland paralyzed the half world while our vines steadily continued to grow.


Beginning of May the shoots already showed 10cm length, some warm thunderstorms in May supported growth and nature in Seewinkel region developed. Mid-May the “Frost-Saints” marked a first change – the second half of May was relatively chilled and the vegetation in the vineyards slowed down. The shoots developed differently and beginning of June storms and hail threatened our vines. We got of lightly as just a small percentage of our vines were damaged by hail.


Around 10 June wonderful we had warm weather up to 30°C just in time for perfect flowering. Mid June then warm and rainy weather – unfortunately perfect for fungal infections – the pressure of infection for the still young grapes raised. It was very important to have set the right steps – first sprayings with sulfur and copper against mildew took place and it was important to thin out canopies in order to bring light and air into them. June finished relatively chilled but July showed then summer-like hot and sticky with temperatures above 30°C, the vines grew steadily but the pressure of fungal infections did not shrink due to regular thunderstorms. Mid-July change arrived – it got chilled. The berries started with colure and at mid-August - right in time - red clusters could be found in our vineyards as well as the first signs of autumn. Cool nights which are good for the fruit development of the grapes and fogs in the morning indicated an upcoming change in seasons. August ended relatively wet and we hoped on a warm September for an optimal maturation of our berries. The month continued being chilled but with stable weather and so we could start harvesting on 7 September in a long-term average with the thin-skinned Burgundian varieties. Quite surprised about the unexpectedly high sugar degrees we continued harvest with Muskat and Sauvignon followed by Zweigelt and Grüner Veltliner. After a short break we could harvest beginning of October our Blaufränkisch and finish the main harvest right in time before heavy rain falls. End of October we had a premiere and harvested a great Beerenauslese from Traminer and an excellent Trockenbeerenauslese from Scheurebe crowned our harvest. In the night from 4 to 5 December “father frost” showed up in Seewinkel region and we could harvest at incredible -19°C a great icewine from Grüner Veltliner.



The quality of vintage 2010 is really very promising if there would not be the drop of bitterness of the smallest harvest since 20 years in Andau. We lost due to the generally moderate vegetation period and the therefore caused extremely severe selection for quality – 30-40% of the quantity – before all Sankt Laurent and Pinot Noir were effected – partly we could just bring in 3.000kg/ha.


The young wines show due to the chilled vegetation period crisp fruit combined with fresh acidity. The white wines of the vintage belong without any doubt to the best whites we ever did! The nearly explode of clear fruit and show great freshness and harmony with moderate alcohol levels – the ideal wine for upcoming summer! Our reds show as well slimmer than usual, with juvenile fruit and fine perfume. We expect elegant wines which should bring enormous drinking pleasure at medium ageing potential.


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