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We do celebrate Christmas this year a month earlier! We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded first place of the renowned Falstaff Zweigelt Grand-Prix 2011! Our steady efforts and the strict quality management made it again possible to vinify a great Zweigelt in Andau. Peter Moser, chief-taster of the Falstaff-Magazine wrote (trnsl): "dark ruby-red, violet reflexions, lighter rim. Fresh dark berries, impressions of spices, fresh cherries. Juicy on the palate, elegant texture, nuances of red berries, fine tannins, fresh acidity, hints of nougat in the finish, a versatile food matching wine. A real price-quality-highlight! 91/100". There is nothing more to add. Second place goes again to Andau for Scheiblhofer winery, the third place goes to Taferner winery in Carnuntum region. Congratulations! Here you can find the ZANTHO Zweigelt 2010

EPICURIOUS recommends our Blaufränkisch

The Epicurious, a renowned American web forum created for food enthusiasts recommends our ZANTHO Blaufränkisch for upcoming Thanksgiving as an ideal partner for turkey...

Of course we knew already that our Blaufränkisch fits wonderfully to all kind of poultry - great to hear now that it also goes well with turkey for thanksgiving ;-) Should you not happen to celebrate thanksgiving - our wine also goes perfectly with "Martini-Gansl" (a goose we people in Burgenland have in celebration of St. Martin - our patron)...

Here the original quote: "...On the red side of the equation, there's an amazing and affordable wine from Austria's Burgenland region that fits the bill: Zantho Blaufränkisch 2008 ($14), which somehow channels its bacon, blackberry, and pepper notes into a very light-bodied, supple delivery. It's a red that refreshes—key at a heavy meal."

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[Translate to english:] Tolle Neuigkeiten: ZANTHO hat im internationalen Falstaff "Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide" voll abgeräumt obwohl der Jahrgang 2010 als gemeinhin schwierig in Österreich gilt! Nicht so in Andau - konsequente Qualitätsbestrebungen und rigorose Selektion der Trauben haben uns eine wunderbare Ernte beschert. Näheres anbei:

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[Translate to english:] Tolle Bewertungen für unsere aktuelle Kollektion im neuen Vinaria Weinguide! Nähere Infos finden Sie bitte anbei:

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[Translate to english:] Im Buying Guide der Juli 2011 Ausgabe des renommierten WINE ENTHUSIAST wurden unsere aktuellen Weine mit Traumnoten bedacht! Den original Artikel finden Sie folgend zum herunterladen:

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