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Dear friends of ZANTHO,

our wineshop is still open for all customers from Monday to Friday 9.00-14.00 o'clock - we simply ask everyone to put on their FFP2 masks before entering the building and to follow the distancing guidelines. Of course our onlineshop is still open 24/7 and our wines are ready to take a trip to your doorstep.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and in order to keep our customers and our employees safe, we are not able to do any wine tastings. 

Please stay optimistic and healthy!



Reserve Wines


Reserven 2019 bottled & available 

Finally we were able bottle our new Reserve wines from Merlot and Zweigelt from outstanding vintage 2019. Our Reserve-wine assortment with exklusive velvet labels is now complete and available. Our wines are only produced in outstanding vintages for the respective grape variety and selected from our oldest vineyard plots. They all are finished in small oak barrels and are altogether great food matching partners with potential to age gracefully. Our Reserve wines are available in selected restaurants, specialized trade and in our webshop.

Vintage 2020 | Mission accomplished


We have finished this years harvest last Sunday with a perfect TBA from Scheurebe and are more than happy - vintage 2020 has hit us all unexpected but the team spirit at ZANTHO helped us to master all challenges on the road.

The first white wines show with rich fruit and freshness, balanced at moderate alcohol levels and offer already a lot of drinking pleasure. Before all the "tasty" grape varieties like Muskat or Sauvignon Blanc show really brilliant this year. The first red wines show good concentration, fruit and spiciness and are very elegant and give us hope for a very good vintage. The wines now get the necessary time to harmonize and mature over winter time.

Summing up, we are very positively surprised, grateful and pleased about a very positive final of this "challenging" vintage!


ZANTHO – investment for the future

Dear friends – we have a reason to celebrate: On 5 June we laid the foundation for our new home base in Andau. We continue to grow and will invest around 2.8 Million Euro in a new company building that will combine storage, maturation cellar, shipment and tasting facilities in a modern and up-to-date style. Thanks to the powerful sun shining over Andau the building will be energy self-sufficient and ecologically highly efficient. 

We celebrated our ground-breaking ceremony under the political patronage of Vice Governess Astrid Eisenkopf, National Council and President of the Chamber of Agriculture of Burgenland Nikolaus Berlakovich, the mayor of Andau Andreas Peck, together with the architect Martin Promintzer, representatives of the construction company and numerous functionaries and members. 

The event was accompanied by the great cuisine of Andau based restaurant Tauber am See and our new assortment of ZANTHO Reserve wines as well as some matured bottles from our archives. We are already looking forward to welcome you into our new winery in Andau! 

Addition to the ZANTHO family!

Our Reserve assortment gained some new members: Pinot Noir, Merlot and our new Cuvée 1487 – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Merlot. The wines from the outstanding vintage of 2018 and the grapes come from our best sites and are distinguished by a very low yield. Our wines for the reserve all fermented in stainless steel tanks and are then stored in small oak barrels. The Merlot matured for 12 months in new oak barrels and our Cuvée 1487 even enjoyed 18 months in order to mature perfectly. Our Pinot Noir is a bit finer and elegant and was therefore stored in used oak for around a year.

Fans from our Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent reserve will love this extension – you will find a set with all of our reserve wines in our web shop – special price of course!

For everybody that loves it a bit stronger and full of character, for those that appreciate a nice glass to a meal, for those who love to store wine in the cellar to let them age for the appropriate amount of time or for those who love to focus on wine – cheers and enjoy the wines!

P.S.: all reserve wines are also available in the magnum sized bottles – for that one special occasion!

The almonds are blossoming in lizard country

After a hard days work in the vineyard (with enough safety distance to the workmates of course), we are rewarded with this amazing view!

Beautiful time!

The romans probably cultivated almond trees together with the vines. Sunny places and rocky soils are preferred: so it comes to no surprise, that theses trees feel right at home here in the Lake District!

They are also quiet healthy!

Almonds can help against diabetes, lower your cholesterol levels and even strengthen your bones, lower blood pressure and reduce obesity!

Eat them as a snack and our Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenausles would be a great pairing!

Cheers and stay healthy!



ZANTHO – fine.wines.burgenland

Spring can come...

Right before the weekend we managed to bottle still our new ZANTHO Pinot Noir Reserve 2018 - the first wine of the new Reserve-series in the new vevet-robe. Loads of cherries and raspberries in the nose backed-up by some cold smoke, spicy impressions of pinewood, vivid on the palate, lush and yet minerally tight, velvety and long on the finish. A great food matching wine and it seems that our cheery tree made an effort still to produce a first blossom for the new wine ;-)

Now available in our online-shop and soon available in the wine trade - cheers!



Frost and Icewine

It is freezing in our vineyards. But not too strong. Enjoyable -1°C to -5°C. That doesn't really bother our wines. They are well prepared. The ZANTHO vineyards are not really planted in vineyards susceptible to frost. We are more concerned of the late frost occurring in Mai.

Winterfrost concern us at temperatures -20°C and lower. That also depends on the the vines, their frost resistance, how old the vines are, how much old wood they have and of course on the quality of the wood.

These temperatures right now are great for taking pictures outside. It is just beautiful outside.



ZANTHO chilled

ZANTHO chilled.
In the mountains - naturally kept cold! 
Our new Grüner Veltliner 2019 accompanies us in the new year.The forrest lizard is moving to the mountains and is trying cool off a bit. We all hope that you had a great arrival to the new year! We wish you an exciting 2020!



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