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Frost and Icewine

It is freezing in our vineyards. But not too strong. Enjoyable -1°C to -5°C. That doesn't really bother our wines. They are well prepared. The ZANTHO vineyards are not really planted in vineyards susceptible to frost. We are more concerned of the late frost occurring in Mai.

Winterfrost concern us at temperatures -20°C and lower. That also depends on the the vines, their frost resistance, how old the vines are, how much old wood they have and of course on the quality of the wood.

These temperatures right now are great for taking pictures outside. It is just beautiful outside.



ZANTHO chilled

ZANTHO chilled.
In the mountains - naturally kept cold! 
Our new Grüner Veltliner 2019 accompanies us in the new year.The forrest lizard is moving to the mountains and is trying cool off a bit. We all hope that you had a great arrival to the new year! We wish you an exciting 2020!


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